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Telephone: (315) 455-7431
Toll Free: (800) 845-8505
Address: 6713 Pickard Drive
Syracuse, NY 13211
About Us

Company History

Welcome to Bossong's Commercial Delivery, Inc.

"A Complete Transportation Service Since 1943."

We are a family owned and operated common carrier of general freight and air freight with over 60 years experience, having been founded in 1943. We designate January 1943 as our starting date, although the founder of our company, Fred J. Bossong, had a trucking operation in his name beginning in 1935. His was a contract trucking operation delivering paint and supplies to various contractors throughout the Central New York region. In 1943, with the scope of the business becoming more diverse, Fred changed the name of the company to Bossong's Commercial Delivery, Inc. At this point in our history we supplied contract trucks and drivers to various customers in the Syracuse area and started a house to house retail delivery service for many local department stores including Flah's, Wells & Coverly, Addis, Dey Brothers, Sibley's and H.J. Howe. All of these stores have long since disappeared, yet our company remains. In 1945, upon his discharge from the U.S. Army after WWII, Edward J. Bossong, son of the founder and current President of the corporation, joined the company and maintains a full schedule to this day. In 1966, Frederick J. Bossong joined the company and is the current Vice President. In 1991, Holly M. Bossong became the first member of the 4th generation of the Bossong family to join the company and is the current Secretary/Treasurer. Holly's sister, Heather Bobrek, joined the company in 1998. We are extremely proud of our long line of family succession in an extremely demanding and competitive industry.

Key Personnel

Between the leaders of our company, we have over 175 years experience serving you.

PresidentEdward Bossong
Vice PresidentFrederick Bossong
Secretary/TreasurerHolly Bossong
Office ManagerLinda Rose
Terminal ManagerJoseph Morini
Night SupervisorThomas Ranucci

Workforce Overview

All company drivers are bonded and uniformed, and wear employee identification badges with their photo. All drivers meet Federal and State D.O.T. and FAA regulations, and are governed by the work rules of the Federal Highway Administration. All of our drivers must possess and maintain hazmat and forklift certification. Pre-employment and random drug screening is a permanent policy of the company. A proactive safety program covering all areas of our industry is administered by Safety Transportation Services Inc. of Ballston Lake, New York. This is a necessary and valuable program to us as it is our duty to keep abreast of ever-changing governmental mandates.

We employ CDLA and CDLB drivers. A limited number of non-CDL drivers are also employed.

  1. Drivers should have clean driving records for the 3 years prior to employment
    • No serious moving violations
    • No more than three minor moving violations
    • No drug or alcohol related offenses
    • No serious preventable accidents or history of minor preventable accidents
  2. Drivers should possess at least 1 year experience operating equipment similar to the equipment they will be using
  3. Drivers should have a valid commercial driver license with the appropriate endorsements
  4. Drivers should possess a valid medical examiner's certificate issued by a medical practitioner who is knowledgeable about DOT medical qualification requirements
  5. Drivers should agree to Criminal Background Checks

Strategic Development

At different times throughout the history of our company we have made strategic purchases of other companies either to add volume to existing business or to add business we wouldn't have otherwise had. In 1965, we purchased "The Delivery Corp," which added retail home delivery to our existing operation. In 2001, we purchased "O'Brien Trucking," which brought us a number of sizable air freight forwarder contracts and helped us achieve a more favorable economy of scale.

Business Affiliations

  • Better Business Bureau
  • New York State Motor Truck Association
  • National Motor Freight Traffic Association
  • Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
  • United States Chamber of Commerce
  • American Moving and Storage Association
  • Household Goods Carrier's Bureau